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Stone Run - 20th Anniversary Run - The Handing Over Of The Patch



"The staging of this event is in response to the Kawasaki Z Owners of Victoria and the New South Wales Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans M.C. This event is a once only and not to be repeated in its current format, The objective of the whole event is to have the copyright for the Scull and Sloutch handed over to the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club of Australia officially, and end any or all involvement associated with or inferred that this Club, The vietnam Veterans is in any way fictional or a bunch of actors.

The Ride is a Memorial to all bike riders who have lost their lives doing what they love over the last twenty years, and rememberance to the Veterans who did not return from Vietnam. May they never be forgotten."


Hush, Road Captain VVMC NSW 16Oct'93

We travelled from all over Australia for what was to be a major event in Australian Motorcycle History -The 20th anniversary memorial run of the Australian movie "Stone"  (made in 1973 about "The Diggers" Vietnam Veteran motorcycle gang outcasted within society)  This was to be a reinactment of the funeral scene and the official handing over of the Digger's patch (scull and slouch hat that the VVMC wear today).

The handover didn't happen as planned (although VVMC DO have copyright of their patch) all because of the greediness of Sandy Harbutt (writer/producer of the movie and one of the co-organisers of the reunion run).

In the movie 150 Kwaka Z's were used yet for the anniversary run organizers were surprised with a rough tally (people including police gave up trying to count them) of 15,000 - 20,000 bikes showing up for the weekend - they'd been hoping for 5000 people. Word of mouth and appropriate advertising of the event reached many bikers, veterans and families and once again we wanted not only an excuse for a top run but to show the rest of Australia that Veteran's matter.

Now I may sound a little hard on Sandy but I happen to be one who was in the office when the phone call was taken from him and his lawyers the night before the event , trying to cancel everything. Harbutt had realized by now how many people were going to turn up and how he was going to miss out on royalties.

"Profits from this event is to be 5% to Legacy with the remainder divided across the NSW Chapter VVMC and the Kawasaki Z's Victoria. Profits from the sale of t-shirts in each State is to be returned to each state."

In protest many boycotted wearing the patch that weekend even though fully paid in our ticket prices.

Sandy, even though the original charter stated there was not to be a repeat run ever, went ahead with a second attempt Memorial Run five years later. This was unfortunately not as successful with a road death on the ride as it's legacy.

 The actual run left from Lane Cove, Sydney travelling up the coast road to Newcastle NSW with many riders from ALL over Australia riding miles to get to the start.




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 In memory of and with utmost respect to all fallen heroes