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Certificates of Appreciation Programme

Department of Veterans' Affairs Certificates of Appreciation are available through your local MP's office. The certificates are a way of expressing the nation's gratitude to those who served in the defence forces or on the home front in wars and conflicts.


Certificates are available for those who served as follows:

Service in World War 2, between 3/9/1939 - 15/8/1945

* Service in the Australian armed forces or Merchant Navy

* Contribution to the home front eg. Australian Women's Land Army, ammunition factories, protected occupations, philanthropic organisations and other voluntary positions assisting Australia's war effort

Service with the British Commonwealth Occupation Force in Japan between 2/9/1945 and 28/4/1952

Service in Australia's Armed Forces in the Korean War on and around the Korean Peninsula between 27/6/1950 and 31/7/1956

Service in the Malayan Emergency between 29/6/1950 and 31/7/1960

* Service in Malaya/Malaysia or Singapore

* Service in the Far Eastern Strategic Reserve in the waters of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

Service in the Indonesian Confrontation between /8/12/1962 and 11/8/1966

* Service in Australia's armed forces in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

* Service in the Far Eastern Strategic Reserve in the waters of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

The Vietnam War between 31/7/1962 and 11/1/1973

* Service in Australia's armed forces in Vietnam

* Service with Australian logistics support eg. RAN ships, Qantas charter crews carrying troops and supplies to and from Vietnam, Red Cross and Salvation Army workers, medical staff, and civilian entertainers supporting Australian Service Personnel in Vietnam.

The First Gulf War between 17/1/1991 and 28/2/1991

Service in Peace Operations

Recipients of the following awards are eligible for the Peace Operations Certificate of Appreciation

* The Australian Service Medal 1945-75 with clasps:

- Berlin - Indonesia - Kashmir - Balkans - Bougainville - Cambodia

- East Timor - Ethiopia/Eritrea - Guatemala - Iran/Iraq - Kashmir - Korea

- Middle East - West New Guinea - Mozambique - Peshawar - Rwanda

- Sierra Leone - Sinai - Soloman Islands - Somalia - Uganda - West Sahara

* The Australian Active Service Medal with clasps:

- Balkans - Cambodia - East Timor - ICAT

- Namibia - Somalia - Vietnam 1975

* The Rhodesia Medal

* The Police Overseas Service Medal

* The United Nations Medal

Any veteran who qualifies for the above wars and conflicts, Next of Kin of deceased eligible persons and/or family and friends on behalf of eligible veterans can apply.

Contact your local Federal Member of Parliament or phone 132326 to apply

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