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A Prayer for all involved in the Vietnam Conflict

Conducted by

Principal Chaplain the Reverend Monsignor G.A. Cudmore AM



God of Eternity in a time of quietness we look back across the years and remember the vietnam commitment.

We remember the decision by the Australian Government to commit Australian troops in South Vietnam; the social controversy evoked by that commitment; the skill, service and sacrifice made by Australian sailors, soldiers and airmen in the war; the wide global ideological conflict; the decision to withdraw.

We remember particularly those Australians who died in this war; the people wounded in body, mind and spirit by this conflict; the families divided and distressed; the belated recognition of the valour, honour and integrity of all who served in the Vietnam campaign.

Almighty God we dedicate this Memorial to the honour of all Australians who served in Vietnam. May their service to the nation never be forgotten.

We honour the memory of those who paid the supreme sacrifice. Comfort their relatives and friends.

We honour the memory of those who paid the supreme sacrifice. Comfort their relatives and friends.

We honour all Vietnam Veterans. May this Vietnam Memorial be a symbol of a nation's gratitude for their service.

We pray for the Australian people divided and confused over this commitment. Heal lingering wounds, and reconcile the people.

We pray for the Vietnamese people. May they prosper. May they experience justice, freedom and peace.

Lord God, lay Your healing hand on all involved in the Vietnam conflict that they may experience your peace.


Lest We Forget

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I don't profess to be an expert just someone with a lot of photos and her own story I wished to share, encouraging an interest/affiliation in Australian Military Next Of Kin issues - not all written material has formal approval and will be removed by complaint 
 In memory of and with utmost respect to all fallen heroes